realme Cooling Back Clip Neo Gaming Cooler Fan






realme Cooling Back Clip Neo Gaming Cooler Fan
Interface / Port
Type C
46mm x 65-85mm x
Port Type
Type C
7 Blade High-Speed Fan with Semiconductor Ice Chip
Other Features / Info
Multi-device compatibility


realme Cooling Back Clip Neo Gaming Cooler Fan

The realme Cooling Back Clip Neo Gaming Cooler Fan is an essential gadget for avid gamers who face overheating issues with their mobile devices. This compact, yet robust, cooler is designed to tackle heat effectively, thanks to its cutting-edge semiconductor ice chip and a seven-blade fan. Unlike ordinary coolers that target only specific areas, this semiconductor ice chip ensures the entire device is cooled uniformly, allowing gamers to enjoy prolonged play sessions without the worry of overheating. Operating at an impressive speed of up to 5500 rpm, the fan maintains a low-noise and vibration-free performance, ensuring no distractions during intense gaming moments. Its small size and adaptable shape make it compatible with a variety of devices, enhancing its utility. Adding to its appeal is the multi-colored RGB lighting with a kaleidoscopic effect, which not only cools but also elevates the gaming setup with a futuristic vibe. The realme Cooling Back Clip Neo is more than just a utility; it's a statement in your gaming arsenal.


realme Cooling Back Clip Neo Gaming Cooler Fan Features 

  • Comes with a semiconductor ice chip and 7 blade fan to cool your devices rapidly
  • Semiconductor ice chip that helps to cool the whole device, not a partial portion
  • Always keeping  temperature low helps to play game for prolonged hours without heat
  • Low-noise, vibration-free fan that runs at super high speed,  exactly up to 5500 rpm
  • Very compact in size and suitable in shape that compatible with multiple devices
  • Multi-colored RGB lighting Kaleidoscopic effect  provides a futuristic gaming experience